QLEEN Professional products


Electric rotor brush for rooftop solar panels and small solar parks! We sell QLEEN in Denmark, Contact us for more information about their fantastic products



QLEEN stations guarantee maximum mobility. They ensure reliably clean, demineralized water at the cleaning site and work with the proven PURQLEEN water treatment technology. QLEEN stations are: robust and reliable efficiently and economically variable in equipment and performance modular and expandable individually configurable (on request)


QLEEN poles

The QLEEN rod systems (poles) ensure that surfaces and facades up to a height of 21 meters - from the ground - can be cleaned quickly and reliably. They are made of high quality materials and are manufactured using the latest technology. QLEEN Poles are lightweight and ergonomic. This enables body-friendly work and longer work assignments.



The ROTAQLEEN, a rotating brush that cleans quickly and thoroughly, is particularly versatile. It is simply mounted on the QLEEN Poles and can be used from the ground up to a height of 21 meters for glass, facade or solar cleaning work. ROTAQLEEN brings significantly better cleaning results than standard brushes available on the market

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PURAQLEEN water treatment technology, which completely demineralizes normal tap water and converts it into lime-free, powerful “pure” water. “Pure” water cleans quickly and thoroughly because it combines directly with the dirt particles on the surface to be cleaned.


QLEEN Poles are designed to be lightweight and ergonomic. This enables body-friendly work and longer work assignments.


High-quality results: Qleen products are designed to provide professional-level cleaning and maintenance for a wide range of surfaces


QLEEN systems have been used successfully around the world for over a decade. The easily combinable QLEEN system modules offer perfect solutions for cleaning glass, facades, solar systems, vehicles and many other areas of application. QLEEN systems are developed on the basis of broad practical experience and manufactured with the greatest precision. They impress with their first-class quality and reliability.

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